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Our company is known for repairing and rebuilding structures, however, we feel it is equally important to help those individuals and organizations in need. Through Golden Waterproofing and its operating companies, we're equally dedicated to improving people's lives. We're proud of the programs and partnerships that have touched many lives throughout Tamilnadu as well as our employees who have given generously of themselves in support of our goals.

Golden Waterproofing is the perfect choice for your business. Plus we have the best customer base and customer support around, but don't take our word for it, ask any of our clients!


Chemical Waterproofing

Chemical waterproofing is the process of making waterproofing or water resistant structure building. It provides excellent bonding to the walls, roofs and water tanks. It is modern technology process. Chemical waterproofing is very economical, affordable and cost effective process.


  • Basement
  • Sunkun Areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Balconies
  • Terrace
  • Water Tank
  • Building Sidewall
  • Window joint Areas
  • Sump
  • Swimming Pool
  • Project

Bitumen / Membrane Treatment

Bitumen / Membrane treatment waterproofing is used to protect residential and commercial buildings. It is used protects the roof deck from rain. It provides an extra weather barrier or water penetration through the roofing.


  • Terrace
  • Basement
  • Metal Roofing Sheet
  • Asbestos Sheet

Epoxy Chemical Treatment

Epoxy waterproofing involves techniques and materials are used to prevent water from penetrating the basement of residential and commercial buildings. Waterproofing a basement that is below ground level can require the application of sealant materials and sump pumps.


  • Industrial Epoxy Flooring
  • Epoxy Tile Pointing
  • 3D Epoxy Flooring

Chemical Grouting Treatment

Grouting Waterproofing is a particularly fluid form of chemical used to fill gaps.


  • Chemical Grouting Process
  • PU Grouting Process
  • Crystal Grouting Process